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Golf Tournament - SWING FORE HOPE, Monday Nov 3rd 2014 PDF Attachment

Soltex has been a supporter of ChildrenĀ“s Cancer Research for about ten years. We are so proud to announce that we will be hosting the Inaugural Swing FORE Hope Invitational Golf Tournament...

May 2014 Newsletter PDF Attachment

We have reorganized our Sales Force to focus on specific product groups. The goal is to develop experts in their particular area....

2014 Newsletter PDF Attachment

It's time again to reflect back on what's in the rear view mirror, while also focusing on the road ahead. In 2013, Soltex was focused on adding the right resources to better serve our customers. We did this by...

SOLTEX and Reach


The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorizations and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation has been put into force by the European Union (EU) starting June 1, 2007. The REACH regulation requires registration (unless exempt) of every chemical substance manufactured in or imported into the EU, including substances in preparations in quantities greater than one metric ton per year.

There is a transition period to complete the registration process, with deadlines between 2010 and 2018, depending on quantities, and/or the substance's hazard. To benefit from these phased-in deadlines, EU manufacturers and importers must pre-register existing substances by November 2008. Pre-registration allows continued manufacture and import into the EU prior to the registration deadline.

Soltex is aware of the REACH regulation requirements. All substances manufactured in or imported into the EU by Soltex and that require registration, will be pre-registered by Soltex or by its up-stream suppliers. Soltex recognizes that substances manufactured or included in Soltex product formulations, which are sold outside the EU, may be imported into the EU by our customers. In this case, it is the customer's obligation to evaluate its registration requirements and to take the necessary steps, if any, to comply with REACH.

Soltex expects to cooperate with its customers and suppliers to help satisfy the requirements of REACH. The regulation puts responsibility on users of chemical substances to ensure that the substances are identified and included in the registration, and to provide relevant risk assessment data. In the future, Soltex may contact its customers requesting identification of uses and other data for inclusion in REACH submissions.

Any other information regarding Soltex REACH activities will be communicated to our customers either directly, or through our website.