Soltex has the facilities and resources to meet your unique needs, from custom blending to special packaging. We are committed to providing quick response time and outstanding customer support. Our goal is to give our customers what they need. If you have a unique requirement, contact Soltex to help you accomplish your special goals.

Technical Support
Our Technical Manager, chemists, engineers, and experienced professionals are available to provide technical information about our products and assist you with your formulations. We help solve problems, suggest cost-effective alternatives, and provide comprehensive supporting data about our products.

Soltex offers technical and analytical services that are useful to customers, and we invite them to work in partnership with Soltex. This means sharing information and building long-term relationships based on mutual benefit and trust. By working together, Soltex and its customers find the best solutions quickly.

Quality Assurance
We maintain rigorous quality standards. Quality assurance testing is performed in full-capability laboratories by experienced technologists following the latest ASTM procedures. Continual evaluation, innovation, and improvement of our quality and production processes allows our customers to have the highest degree of confidence in our products.

Quality is the top priority in Soltex's production and service activities. We measure product characteristic, review service metrics, and examine customer feedback. We use this information to develop improvement projects that increase value to our customers. Our quality system is maintained to ensure that customer requirements are met.

Inventory and Warehousing
Soltex has a network of warehouses and shippers located across the country. This allows Soltex to promptly deliver product to our customers based on their schedule.

Customers trust Soltex's ability to deliver their products. As we understand our customer's requirements, we're always looking for a better way to meet those requirements.

Custom Blending and Packaging
Today's world demands products and services that meet exacting specifications. Customers want high performance chemicals and new chemical solutions for very precise applications. Soltex responds quickly, combining expert abilities with experience and creativity to meet those needs. Our Sales Force and Technical Manager are accustomed to working closely with customers in a variety of situations. This may include working with customers to develop a custom tailored product, or helping them find a new and unique solution to a difficult problem.

Soltex has the ability to handle packaging of various sizes, whether you need a pail, bag, drum, tote, truck or railcar of product. Soltex works with you to meet your requirements and special requests.

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