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Soltex offers a wide range of additive/components that when added to other substances modify and significantly enhance specific processing or end-use properties.
Soltex adhesives, sealants, and coatings raw materials give formulators a competitive edge in product performance.
Increased efficacy, providing additional tackiness, and encapsulation of pheromones are some of the agricultural application uses for Soltex products.

Soltex supplies battery manufacturers with Acetylene Black, which is ideal for batteries because of its high purity, excellent conductivity, and high absorptivity.
Blown/Cast Stretch Cling Film
Soltex is a leading supplier of polybutenes used in blown and cast stretch film applications. We are capable of customizing polybutene viscosities and grades to suite your company's unique needs.
Cable Telecom Water Blocking
Soltex Cable Flood, Fill and Gels provide critical water barrier and adhesive properties for paired copper wire and fiber optic cable.

Caulks and Sealants
Caulks and Sealants applications include double glazed windows and use with silicone-based and butyl rubber. Polybutene is most widely used as a partial replacement for drying oils in sealant and putty formulations.
Compressor Oils
Soltex offers a variety of alkylate-based compressor oils for refrigeration fluids.
Corrosion Inhibitors
Soltex offers a complete product line of amorphous and thixotropic rust and corrosion inhibitor materials for indoor and outdoor applications.

Cosmetics and Personal Care
Cosmetic grade polybutene and polydecene are used as synthetic base fluids because they are light in color, odorless, and possess superior emollient characteristics.
Detergents and Dispersants
Soltex offers detergents and dispersants that enhance performance in lubrication, fuel, and motor oil applications.
Diesel Engine Additives
Soltex markets a variety of performance chemical additives and base stocks for diesel engine fuels and lubricants.

Electrical Components/Equipment
Soltex is a leading supplier of electrical grade chemicals.
Engine, Gear and Motor Oils
Soltex's selection of products for engine, gear, and motor oil applications is extensive, to meet your company's special needs.
Food Contact Applications
Food contact applications utilizing synthetic and non-synthetic base fluids require National Sanitation Foundation certification. Soltex offers numerous products meeting this requirement.

Your Company can make superior greases by using Soltex chemical additives in your formulations.
Hydraulic Fluids and Oils
Many Soltex products support the hydraulic fluids and oils industry by improving formulation characteristics.
Metal Working
Soltex Metal Working additives enhance your company's formulations to deliver a clean, untarnished metal surface and to prolong the useful life of the cutting tool.

Power Cable Energy Transmissions
Over 20 years, Soltex has partnered with utilities, cable manufacturers, and electrical contractors in North America to meet power cable fluid needs. Soltex provides high, medium, and low viscosity cooling/insulating fluids, low viscosity mineral oil impregnate and cooling/insulating mediums for power cables.
Soltex offers materials that modify and improve rubber products.
Soltex products provide tack or stickiness, which is important to a variety of applications.

Viscosity Modifiers
Soltex's collection of viscosity modifiers deliver the demanding performance required of today's top tier lubricants and these viscosity modifiers have a wide array of performance attributes.


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